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CAI, as the umbrella organization of industries, basically deals with policy issues. It advocates for investment friendly environment in local and national level. It on the one hand encourages the industrialists to adhere to the existing laws and prevalent constitution, and on the other hand, it urges for the elimination (if not ease) of those laws and legislation which discourages investment and hinders conducive environment.

Secondly, CAI provides a forum for the members and leaders of production sector to discuss on the problems facing them and find out pragmatic solutions. Thirdly, this organization explores the opportunities for trainings, workshops and industrial visits and involves the industrialists in such activities so as to make them able to tackle with ongoing problems and become able to face the competitions.

CAI Secretariat also serves as the resource center for industrialists. Information that can be obtained from the personnel serving in the secretariat and publications of the organization are very helpful for industrialists regarding registration procedures, policy change, administrative resources that can be used in problem solving and so on.

Being involved as the members in this organization also boosts up the bargaining power of those involved.