Message from the Chairperson

Rapid growth of production sector is a must if we have to materialize goal of local and National Economic development. And, on the other side, healthy industries are the most dependable engines of growth. Industries create job, pay taxes to government and supply various goods and services to customers.

To reverse the cycle of trade deficit, imported items must be replaced with Nepal made goods on the one hand and export is to be promoted on the other. Adhering to these facts, Chitwan Association of Industries has been supporting all industrialists by means of training, interaction, visits and policy supports.This association is a forum where Industrialists can sit together and find solutions to down to earth problems.

Since we have become able to solve many hard-hitting problems of industrialists, this association has become a source of hope and inspiration to many.Operating industry in a country which has been suffering a prolonged transition is really difficult. But industrialists' psyche should always be occupied by optimism and courage. Rebuilding this nation doesn't have any alternatives.So, I would like to urge all the industrialists to join hands together in helping solve each other's problems and support the government to chase the goal of local, regional and national economic development.

Thank you.

Bhesh Raj Duwadi
Chitwan Association of Industries